AK Shears professional shears

Our Story

AK Shears was born out of a passion to protect a stylist’s most valuable resource – time. Over twenty years of salon ownership has taught us that precision and efficiency are essential to a stylist’s success. We are committed to providing professional tools and resources that will make your job easier, healthier, and more productive.

We create high-performance shears that are powerful, precise, accurate, durable and comfortable — shortening the time needed for a haircut without compromising the results. Our handcrafted extended length shears are impeccably designed for stylists and barbers who understand that the right tools can help them deliver an exceptional client experience.

Innovative Design & Superior Craftsmanship

extended length shears

Extended Length Design

Our extra-long shears provide a more precise, efficient, and powerful cut — for results that optimize your time and amaze your clients, faster.

japanese vg10 steel

Superior Grade Japanese Steel

Great tools start with great materials. Our forged Japanese VG10 steel shears provide durability and sharpness for high-quality, dependable service.

healthy hand

Ergonomic Handle

A balanced handle reduces strain, and the ability to finish a cut with less repetitive motions improves the quality and efficiency of your work.

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